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However, at the next election, which must take place by 2029, all that could change. Labour must now deal with the reality that much of its traditional working-class base that it lost to the Conservatives in 2019 has not returned — and has instead shifted to Reform.

If there's a signature dish you fancy and don't mind paying full price, ask about adding it to your order

Drew Graham: The messy but perfectly balanced cheeseburger (lunch special at the moment) is my favourite burger in Singapore. If you use cutlery you're a pansy.

His mental state has faced increased scrutiny in recent days, and Mr Biden has further fuelled speculation by making further gaffes.

“We are pleased with what we have accomplished through our investment in WingHouse and are excited about what the future holds for this proven brand.”

Below are the participating restaurants that took part in February 2023, they are serving up great lunch offers not only for Belfast Restaurant Week but all year round!

Have a quick look at their menu and you’ll see that the Prawn & Asparagus ($24++) is one of the few items that’s recommended by the chef. This simple dish consists of spaghetti, prawns, asparagus and cherry tomatoes, cooked aglio olio style.

Tucked away below street level, hidden from the hustle and bustle of Belfast's city centre is Margot, serving up small plates & cocktails.

Pleading guilty does not grant Boeing immunity from all future legal actions. While it may protect Boeing from further criminal prosecution related to the 737 Max crashes, it does not shield the company from civil lawsuits or other regulatory actions.

There are also rice options for those looking for an alternative. Most noodle soups hover around the $10 mark but if you're really

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 4 Edge was among the first Copilot+ laptops to launch with Snapdragon X Elite ARM chip last month. It’s only been out for a few weeks, but we’re already tracking a deal at Samsung that drops the most affordable 14-inch 512GB variant to $999.

The Spanish are famed for their siestas – a chance for them to get out of the sun and have a nap in the afternoon. It’s one of the best ideas sports bar deal ever – not only do you get to have a nap but it also means that everything in Spain is therefore open for longer at night and buying a Twix at 11.

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Cassell called the financial punishment of the plea deal a "pittance for Boeing," and told Newsweek that he intends to urge Judge O'Connor to reject the deal. More

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